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2016 BIZ: HG: Can a new grid get started on the HG now? Comments by Ann Tree Prenyour

Can a new grid get started on the HG now?  
Comments by Ann Tree Prenyour

  • I saw a query about a fairly new grid struggling to get started.
  • Content creators won't go there because not enough residents.
  • Residents won't go there because not enough content.  
  • A common startup problem in a new form. 
  • I had a chat with Ann Tree Prenyour about that.
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    Selby:  I knew I would have to give Ann a byline on this.

    Ann: Third rule of acquisition: Don't fight the big boys.  You will lose just like you did back in school.  
    Selby:  But you won't leave it there.  
    Ann:  No. Find a niche, a place where the big boys don't go. 
    Selby:  How do you find that niche?  
    Ann:  Look for something people want that they are not getting.  That is what entrepreneurs do.
    Selby:  Have you got any examples?
    Ann:  Theme-based grids.  Like Counter Earth.  That's on a Gorean theme, popular in Second Life.  You make the grid cater to Gorean tastes.  The welcome area, avatars, freebies, events--you make them all fit the theme. You have to know Gorean tradition.  You don't have to know how to run a server farm.  
    Selby: You have to have a server farm to run a grid with many users.  
    Ann:  But you don't have to run it.  Kitely already figured out that part.   The let Amazon run the servers for them.  They just manage the grid.   If you were running a Gorean grid, you should manage the Gorean part and let somebody else do the grid-hosting.  Maybe Kitely would but there are others.  
    Selby:  Why not just set up a community in Kitely?   Then Kitely handles the registration.  
    Ann:  And Kitely handles the onboarding, too, but not for Gorean.  They don't have any Gorean avatars at the Kitely Welcome Center.  You bring people in for Gorean, you want to give them Gorean from the start.   
    Selby: NMA is already ahead of you on that.  We are setting up a web page that gives starter instructions and tells people how to log into the NMA inworld welcome site on Cookie II.   NMA's theme is stage and screen.  Writing, acting, video production.  We give the instructions, avatars and builds (around Cookie II) that fit that theme.  
    Ann:  That could work.  Especially if you wanted to start small.  Setting up to run your own grid would take a lot of work.  You would want to have an existing community before you decide that it is worth the effort. 
    Selby:  Then you would probably let the community decide whether they wanted a separate grid.  
    Ann:  For sure.  If you have built a successful community, you don't mess with success. 
    Selby:  Would a Gorean grid be unique in Maria's sense?
    Ann: No.  Not at the level of abstraction she was using.  She would call it just another theme-based grid.   
    Ida, the Idea Lady:  Thinking about something that is unique is not my favorite way to get ideas.  If you go down the ladder of abstraction, you may find that Gorean is unique within the set of theme-based grids.  
    Ann:  Right. And people don't care about the set of all theme-based grids. They may want Gorean or sailing, railroading, racing cars, flying, writing, building, or whatever.  But whatever they want, if there is the only one, it is unique from their standpoint.  
    Selby:  Then it is only a matter of how many people want that at the price you are asking.  
    Ann:  And how many know about it.  Nothing sells without promotion.     

    Selby:  So a new grid may be able to get started on the Hypergrid if it can find a niche, cater to it, and promote the grid effectively.
    Ann:  That sums it up.  I knew you'd catch on if I made it simple enough.


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