Sunday, November 23, 2014

2014 EDU: Immersive Teaching and Learning Environments. UT at El Paso

Immersive Teaching and Learning Environments.  
University of Texas at El Paso
Academic Technologies (AT) at The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) is a client-centered, project-based department that creates, facilitates, and/or integrates technology solutions for teaching and learning at UTEP. 
This includes consulting with faculty about instructional design and curriculum development using technology, workshops and academies on all aspects of teaching and learning with technology, software programming, graphic design, digital media and database production, learner-centered online and face to face classroom design, and multimodal, multi-delivery (tech-enhanced, hybrid and fully online) teaching and learning.
Webisode #3: AT features their research on immersive teaching and learning environments, particularly virtual worlds. We also visit with Melissa Carrillo and Stacy Fox with the Smithsonian Latino Center who are innovators in 3D immersive environments and new media. The AT Spotlight is on Dr. Meredith Abarca who has successfully integrated a virtual world platform into her Literature classes. Finally, we visit the UTEP School of Nursing's Simulation Lab where students are immersed in "real life" hospital situations and critical care in preparation for their professional environments. 
The virtual Romeo and Juliet ballet sequence was choreographed by Angelina Kitaj, with set design by Szerewp Loon, and was filmed at the Second Life 11th Birthday Celebration with permission.  
Other builds featured on this episode were also filmed at the Second Life 11th Birthday Sims. 
UTEP's Second Life Islands, and the Smithsonian Virtual Museum Placita can be found at:
More about how AT is using immersive and virtual learning environments   
Photo of Melissa Carrillo is a derivative, licensed by Michael Edson, under the CC BY 2.


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