Tuesday, May 10, 2022

2022 #VWEDU: Education in the metaverse. Online learning together. Learning teamwork online. Professional collaboration

Education in the metaverse.  
Online learning together.  
Learning teamwork online.  
Professional collaboration
The educators of the metaverse are getting organized in multiple virtual worlds.    
  • Watch on YouTube
  • OSCC21: Virtual Worlds Education Consortium across the Metaverse
  • The Virtual Worlds Education Consortium began in January 2021 in Second Life and meets quarterly. 
  • As the metaverse expands, VWEC strives to explore evolving virtual spaces and has a VWEC Pavilion in Kitely to share resources for educators. 
  • Without collaboration and networking, newcomers in virtual worlds find it difficult to navigate to high quality immersive learning experience and often ask “where is everyone?”. 
  • Participants will discover the Virtual Worlds DatabaseVWEC Directory, and numerous educational opportunities in Kitely and other open sim environments.
  • OSCC Presentation archive

Virtual World (Metaverse) events and people.

Why virtual worlds? 

Pragmatics for teachers

  • More efficient use of teacher time. 
  • Computer-based record-keeping. LMS
  • Mobility limits do not affect teachers.
  • Teaching jobs wherever you live.

Pragmatics for management

  • Low facilities cost
  • Wide catchment area for students and faculty.
  • Instructional designers and subject matter expert can be available online.
  • Computer-based record-keeping. LMS

Pragmatics for students

  • Students can advance at their own speed.
  • Quick learners are not held back, slow students are not pressured.
  • Physical bullying is precluded, online bullying creates a record.
  • Students get experience at working online.  
  • Mobility limits do not affect students.

Easy field trips.


Easy access meetings in the metaverse



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