Sunday, January 17, 2016

2016 P2P: The Drax Files: People get together

The Drax Files:  People get together 
A video account of people  who started using a virtual world to make a living and progressed to using it to make a marriage.  

The mainstream media likes to point out how "living online" destroys relationships in the "real" world but for one American-Scottish couple the virtual world of Second Life became a facilitator: a conduit to finding each other's "soulmate".
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          When you are spending time in a virtual world you are not spending time in the "real" world of the mainstream media.  
          What is the mainstream media in the new century?  Certainly not the newspapers.  I doubt that it is broadcast television any more.    More than likely the mainstream is in the process of shifting from broadcast TV to internet delivery.  People are not making appointments with their TV set, anymore.  They want what they want when they want it.  The main relationship the online world is destroying is the one between viewers and their TV sets.  
          - Meanwhile, the people you meet in an online world are usually real people.  Yes, it is a bit like a masked ball.  You see them as they want you to see them.  Do you really think that does not happen on television?  Do you really think that does not happen in the "real world"? 

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