Wednesday, October 30, 2013

2013 VIDEO: Reminder and resources: Machinima 48 Hour Film Project, Weekend of 8 - 10 November

Reminder and resources
Machinima 48 Hour Film Project 
Weekend of 8 - 10 November

For those of you thinking about doing a 48 hour film next month -- remember that all the LEA sims are filmer friendly. You only need to get permission from any avatars that may wander into your shots (and that is probably NOT in the plan - but just saying). You do not need permission to film from any of the LEA artists or landholders. 
Also - over 50 sets that can be used at MOSP - LEA7. 20 minute rez time. If you need more, give me a shout. IMs go to email.   --  Chic Aeon
Video-Machinima in virtual worlds
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