Thursday, October 3, 2013

2014 HELP: VIRTUAL: Kitely: Ilan Tochner, Co-Founder and CEO at Kitely, Part 1, Overview

Kitely, an interview with Ilan Tochner, 
Co-Founder and CEO at Kitely 
Part 1 Overview
Overview of Kitely, a vitual world grid:  Ilan Tochner, Co-Founder and CEO at Kitely talking about Kitely from Kitely Welcome Center.

Watch on YouTube
Worlds on demand
  • An advanced world holds 16 sim sized areas100,000 prims, 100 avatars
  • A region is only online when someone is using it
  • Time based billing: multiple worlds, low cost when not in use 
  • Sign on with your Facebook or Twitter account 
  • Visit Kitely Welcome Center
  • Another option: Unlimited use for a fixed price
  • Prices here:  Kitely
  • Terms  of service
  • "We claim no ownership or control over any Content submitted...."
  • FAQ
  • Blog
If you need
  • Private worlds, with no one but the people you invite
  • Multiple worlds with infrequent use
  • You may want time based billing:  Kitely
If you can
  • Bring your own audience or community 
  • (from Facebook, Google +, or the like)
  • You may want fixed price billing: Kitely
  • Currently $40/month
Watch for Part 2 of this interview in about a week
Video-Machinima in virtual worlds

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