Sunday, October 13, 2013

2013 COMEDY: VIDEO: Mama tells--but not all. Promotion 2 for: Flying Saucers Return

Mama tells--but not all
Promotion 2 for: Flying Saucers Return
By Neil Griffith and Selby Evans 
Copyright 2013 Neil Griffith and Selby Evans
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Cast  (Second Life names)
  • Mama:  Madam Thespian Underhill
  • Rich, the TV newsman: Kayden Oconnell
  • Larry, the cameraman: Tymmerie Thorne
  • Otto, the invisible automatron: Zimmy Zuhal
  • Set: Catboy Qunhua
  • Props: Catboy Qunhua
  • Mama's clothing: Catboy Qunhua
  • Director and producer: Selby Evans
This writing and video production team is seeking more
  • writers
  • actors
  • directors
  • videographers
  • animators
  • content creators
Contact Selby Evans if interested
  • We currently have one feature length script
  • We expect to break that into 6 episodes 
  • Each episode would be about 23 minutes long
  • We are writing more now
  • Video capture: FRAPS
  • Video/audio editing: Camtasia
Thanks to Avatar Repertory Theater for help in stage reads of the script and in recruiting cast members
Follow the Avatar Repertory Theater on Google+
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