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2013 ART: Designing in the Virtual World. USITT presentation. Ballet Pixelle®

Designing in the Virtual World. USITT presentation.  Ballet Pixelle® 
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Designing in the Virtual World
by Richard Finkelstein, Scene Design & Technology Commission

See the quotes below.  If you are interested, go to Designing in the Virtual World

What has been needed is something to democratize new design methodologies and to bring the collaborators into the screen as equal partners in creation... 
A new avenue is discussed in Using Virtual Worlds for Performance & Design presented  March 23 at the Milwaukee 2013 Conference & Stage Expo....
The world of Second Life affords this very opportunity. Second Life is an ideal environment for virtual collaboration, research, design, experimentation, and training. Second Life is a research and prototyping tool for the masses. Its users include... educators and artists from around the world. Major filmmakers are using it as a real-time animation engine (with one such project earning an Emmy award nomination last year) . 
There's even a contingent of Broadway and West-End performers, directors, and others working on virtual performance projects. 
To learn more or to begin an exploration, with a personal introduction Just download the free software at, move through the simple orientation, and then contact Mr. Finkelstein’s virtual self, Leko Littlebird. He can be found "inworld" most evenings at 10 p.m. Eastern time. (Or write through more traditional means at
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