Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2013 PROMO: STAGE: Find SL performers and music venues here: SecondRater, SLMUSICVENUES.

Find SL performers and music venues here: SecondRater, SLMUSICVENUES
  • How does a performer find venues?
  • How does a venue find performers?
  • How does a music fan find performers to follow?
  • How does a music fan find venues to visit
  • Performers rated, SecondRater
  • 650+ Live Music Artists
  • Top ten artists, ratings by residents
  • Top pages viewed, last 48 hours
  • Top 25 pages, all time
  • Search by artist, genre ,or rating level 
  • Site by Vian Aubret
There are also ratings by SecondRater, as explained in the About section.
If you know of a name that SecondRater has missed, add it on the You're missing page
A central location for what you want to know about music venues in Second Life.  Each venue has  its own page consisting of a: 
  • brief description of the venue itself, 
  • contact information, 
  • T (Tips), P (Paid), B (Both)  
  • genre, 
  • dress code, 
  • length of time in Second Life 
  • SLurl directly to the venue.
If you are a venue owner and would like your venue listed in this directory, leave a message in the comments, or send a notecard to still Braveheart.
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  2. This ia about multiple venues. Venues in a virtual world a not expensive as compared to the real world.