Wednesday, March 13, 2013

2013 EDU: Monthly International Workshop on Science Exhibits (MIWoSE) in SL

1st Monthly International Workshop on 
Science Exhibits (MIWoSE)
  • Date: 15 March (Friday), 2013
  • Start time: 
  • (PDT16:00 
  • (GMT) 23:00 
  • (Japan8:00 am of next day 
  • Organized by Abyss Observatory
MIWoSE is a workshop on visualization of science contents for educational use in online 3D environment, mainly not from view point of educators but from view point of scientific contents providers or curators. -In each MIWoSE, 1 group presents in 1 hour and has short field trip. and MIWoSE will be held on every month at science related places in SL.-Speakers use voice chat in English and participants use text chat in English to ask questions.
Location Link. Click to go or drag to the viewer screen: 
1st MIWoSE on 15 March
  • Finding SL physical laws and astronomical laws by experiments in SL.
  • Display of Earth simulation animation on a sphere using "shared media".
  • Creating Science Exhibits Network by using one prim Teleport Hub System.
  • Yan Lauria and Draceina Pinion, Abyss Observatory, Japan
Please use v.3 compatible viewer!!
Future plans
  • April: Navigation and Way finding in VW (Shailey Monica, The Open University, UK)
  • May: Self-directed discovery and intuition development (Kenneth Y T Lim, National Institute of Education, Singapore)
  • June: Marine Ecosystem (Delia Lake, Center for Water Studies, US
Abyss Observatory personnel
  • Yan Lauria
  • comet  Morigi
  • Draceina Pinion
  • Dugong Janus
  • Nobu Shim
  • Sinosan
  • Vianka Scorfield & collaborators
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Abyss Observatory (article)
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