Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2014 1stHELP: Communication in virtual worlds: Local Chat/Voice

Communication in virtual worlds: Local Chat/Voice  
Other avatar right-click window

Firestorm Help

Second life: Consolidated conversation window

  • These features apply to Second Life standard Version 3.5.0 and higher
  • Shrinkable
  • Saves logs and transcripts
  • Can sort by person
Conversation window
Click image to enlarge
Click the voice indicator to adjust volume for a speaker or a channel
Click the question mark for detailed help on the items.
Chat settings:  Preferences - Chat Window 
Me-Preferences-Chat (new)
Click image to enlarge
  • Me (Top left)-Preferences- Chat
  • Typing animation: The clicks can annoy people after a while.
  • Set notifications of all incoming messages
  • Logs of local chat and IMs --Store  
  • Be sure to click OK to save the settings on any Preferences panel.
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