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2014 HELP: Communication in virtual worlds: Group chats, voice meets, notices, friends, IM/calls

Communication in virtual worlds: 
Group chats, voice meets, notices, friends, IM/calls
Details of this page apply to SL standard version 3.+  Details may be different in other viewers 
Group list window
Click image to enlarge
Members of a group can usually 
  • start a group chat 
  • start a group voice meet (conference)
  • receive group notices
  • send group notices
Start group chat
  • open the group list window
  • Main screen, upper left: Communicate--Groups or
  • V3.2 People button  (2 heads) or
  • (hot key) Ctrl+shift+g
  • click group name to select
  • click group chat (bottom line)
Start group voice meet (conference)
  • open group list window
  • click group name to select
  • click  group call (bottom line)
  • rarely used
Receive group notices
  • If you do not get notices in a group,
  • see settings, bottom of profile general screen
  • Receive group notices must be checked
  • If the check is there, ask the group owner about group notices
Send group notice
  • From group list window
  • click group name to select
  • click profile  (bottom line)
  • on Profile, click Notices
  • on Notices*, click New Notice
*If this button does not work (grayed out), you don't have a group role that lets you send notices.

Group Details
Notices Tab
  • enter title
  • enter text
  • drag asset (notecard, landmark, etc) from inventory to bottom strip (left side) 
  • click Send button
  • notice goes to about 500 members
  • Text entered into a group notice is hard to find later.    
  • Best repeat it in an attached notecard if  people will need recover it 
  • as with a slurl or time of an event.
  • V3.2 Using Notecards: how and why   
Start a friends IM or call conference 
  • open your Friends list 
  • select the people you want to talk to 
  • (Ctrl-Click for individuals, Shift-Click for names in sequence)
  • Click the IM or Call button.
Add people to a current conversation

  • In the main conversation window
  • Click the + on the right. Follow the instructions.

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