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2020 #VWEDU LIBR: Promo: Flipped webinar for educators in the metaverse. A distributed conference. Short presentations, followed by focused discussions. With plans for outreach.

Flipped webinar for educators in the metaverse.
A distributed conference.   
Short  presentations, followed by focused discussions.
With plans for outreach.
Overview of draft plans for a flipped webinar.
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of the room

Flipping the webinar

  • The plan is based on audience participation.
  • Starts with "What do you want to know about?"
  • Uses online tools to get questions from the audience.
  • Uses online tools to present those questions to contributors.
  • Uses online tools to show presentations offered by contributors.
  • Meeting organizers select presentations for their meetings.
  • Presentations run about 10 minutes, followed by a discussion period.
  • Presentations and discussions may be live-streamed and saved as videos.
  • These may also be converted to text and published as a blog.
  • With some editing and referee work, the products might be published as proceedings of a distributed conference.


  • Efficient sharing of knowledge among online educators.
  • Broadens the networking In the online professional learning community (PLC).
  • Outreach from educators in virtual worlds to other online educators.
  • Aggregated activity gets better visibility than individual activity.


Keywords and categories for online teaching

  • Use-oriented categories
  • Outreach
  • Onboarding
  • Levels: grades, young adult, mature, retiring 
  • Teaching tools
  • Digital teaching assistant
  • Subjects
  • Teaching methods
  • Instructional projects
  • Educational communities 
  • Career categories
  • Lesson plans
  • Instructional designs


The elements

  • Distributed conference: Meetings organized like a conference, but distributed in time and space.
  • Organizers: People who organize meetings..
  • Flipped webinar coalition (FWC): Meeting organizers collaborating on content.
  • Contributors: People who agree to prepare presentations in answer to questions
  • Videographers: People who will capture video, edit it, and post it on YouTube.
  • VWPLC:  Professional learning community of virtual worlds.
  • QA spreadsheet: Spreadsheet to manage questions and presentations.
  • Outreach: Participants promote meetings on social media, citing livestreamed link.

Action items

  • Draft QA spreadsheet
  • Identify organizers.
  • Identify collaborating groups
  • Identify contributors.
  • Plan for outreach 

Roadmap for a presentation

  • Given a question from the QA spreadsheet.
  • One (or more) of the contributors prepares a presentation of about 10 minutes.  
  • The availability of that presentation is posted in the QA spreadsheet.
  • An organizer  picks this presentation for a meeting

What contributors do

  • Follow the QA database additions and answer questions.  Multiple answers are encouraged.     
  • Put questions into the QA database (with or without answers). 
  • Send questions to other experts they know.


  • An inworld meeting is inherently not outreach.
  • But we know the ways of the digitals. 

Social media

  • We can post in social media.  
  • And in the flipped model, we don't just announce the time and place.
  • We announce the specific questions that will be discussed.
  • We may give links to relevant reading/videos.
  • And we don't ask them to join us in software they have not installed.
  • We can live-stream video, so we invite them to watch on YouTube.
  • And we invite them to ask their own questions in the YouTube chat panel.
  • Of course, we will monitor that panel and include it   




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