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2016 HELP: Play sound files longer than 10 seconds. Invited article by Constance Peregrine

Play sound files longer than 10 seconds.  
Invited article by Constance Peregrine 
Second Life has had a limit of 10 seconds on sound files that you upload and play in a script.  Apparently that limit is imposed by the viewer, although in SL the limit may also be imposed by other parts of the system.  In OpenSim, third-party viewers can lift that limit.  Here Constance Peregrine reports on her test of the limits.  Testing the limits is one of the things we like to do in OpenSim.

Sounds longer than 10 seconds?

  • Yes!  I just discovered that I can now upload sounds longer than 10 seconds!

Take away

  • A 1 minute file will play in Firestorm or Meerkat.
  • Meerkat will upload a file of 1 minute or longer.
  • We do not know whether all grids will store a 1 minute file
  • We do not know whether all viewers will play a 1 minute file
  • (More after the break)
  • Where is Arcadia?


          In a discussion in another place someone mentioned that the Meerkat viewer could upload longer sound files. Here that is, choose your own flavor but I used "Meerkat_0-2-2-211_Setup.exe"

          • I got some long files from
          •  (that is one file I used to test it)  
          • Used to change the project rate (bottom left side of the program) to "44100".
          • I then exported it as a type ".wav microsoft signed 16 bit pcm"
          • Then started Meerkat in my own simonastick.  
          • It worked there, so then on Kitely. I uploaded it and it played. 
          • I then put it in a prim with a touch to start sound script and it played there as well.

          I can imagine quite a few ways I can use this. I don't yet know how long the file can be, perhaps someone may test that, the one on freesound is almost 1 minute long.
          Have fun and let me know how it goes for you also, if you wish-)

          by Constance Peregrine, Tue Feb 09, 2016 

          Additional tests by Constance

          • Meerkat can upload and play a 4 minute song, but only a minute of it. 
          • Firestorm does not play it at all.
          • So it appears, so far, 1 minute is the maximum size...still considerably better than 10 seconds.
          • testing showed that 2 minute files can be uploaded but plays only 1 minute in Meerkat.
          • Does not play at all in firestorm.
          • Uploaded 1 minute file via Meerkat and it played, switched to firestorm and it played also.
          • Here is a completed 1 minute file anyone can test with;
          • ... e.wav?dl=0
          • testing done but a number of possibilities are now possible using this method.
          • If anyone tests this please post results in Kitely forums
          • for example, does it work in singularity?
          • Reprinted with permission from Kitely forums


          • Post reports of more tests or comments in the comment section of this article
          • We do not know whether all grids will store a 1 minute file
          • We do not know whether all viewers will play a 1 minute file

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