Wednesday, July 4, 2012

2013 VIDEO: YouTube seeks comedy--and puts money on its quest

YouTube seeks comedy--
and puts money on its quest
Calling all comics
Do you have these?
This boat is just loading
Let's grow a comedy series in Second Life
This one is still planning
"Big Frame" Raises $3 Million In Seed Funding to Help YouTube Creators
Inworld development calls
I'm working on developing a brand new television network and I'm looking for ideas for new in-world tv series.-If you got a great idea for a tv program and are looking to have it air in-world or need help bringing it to life, please message me asap and we can discuss all the details.  KyleMarino   
Krypton Radio
Krypton Radio got its start in Second Life and has grown to become the world's leading scifi and comics radio station. According to, we're ranked in the top 4.3% out of the 30 million sites they track.
Krypton Radio has a number of projects currently in development, and we're looking for voice actors, writers, musicians and more to help bring these new shows and productions to vibrant life.
Contact us at if you're a creative type who loves all things fannish and you want to be part of our next project ... Got a script? Maybe the next project will be your brainchild! 
To hear Krypton Radio ... visit our site at
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