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2013 HELP: Hear/see music/video media/BOP in Second Life

Hear/see music/video media in Second Life 
BOP--Browser on prim. 

Instructions for V3.3+ viewers.

Preferences, Sound and Media Tab
Click image to enlarge
You have multiple channels you can set independently (slider bar).  The screen shot above shows my settings. Here is how 
V3.2 Preferences button (gears)

For convenient access to these channels, hover your cursor over the speaker symbol (upper right).  A small window will briefly appear, offering the channel controls.  You can make the same changes as in the Preferences window 
Sounds and Media Tab, Suggested settings
  • Mute ambient if the wind noise bothers you.
  • Turn down or mute sound effects if they bother you.
  • Check allow media to play automatically
  • If you don't like the streaming music, lower that volume in that channel.
Hear, control Music
Most places have a music stream.  Some places also show video 
Overall volume adjustment:  Hover the cursor over the loudspeaker symbol (upper right of screen}. Move the slider.  This adjustment changes overall volume, including voice, media, and inworld sounds. 
Viewer 3.3 Music controls
Click image to enlarge
If the music stream does not play,
Cick the pause button (2 vertical bars).  Wait a minute. Click pause again.  If that does not work, relog. 
Video -- old system
Some video will use the old media system.  For that, you must have a current version of Quicktime installed on your machine.  If you see a blank screen or a still picture, you may need to get a current copy of Quicktime.    It is free from Apple.  Google on Quicktime.  Look for the Apple website, probably at the top of the first page.  Follow the instructions to download and install it. 
Video -- Browser on Prim (BOP) --  Viewer 3.2 
You can watch a video on any prim that is set up to show webpages.  .  If you have "Allow Media to auto-play" checked on the Sound and Media window, you will see a prim that is a live webpage.  You may need to click on a play tab to start the video,  If you have not checked 
"Allow Media to auto-play," you will not see the live web page unless you click on the prim.  You may see a sign indicating that it will show something when you click it.

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