Monday, April 2, 2012

2013 1stHELP: How do I stop dancing (or any other animation) Viewer 3.x

How do I stop dancing?
or any other animation
Viewer 3.x
Click image to enlarge
  • Top menu bar
  • Me button (full left)
  • Movement button
  • Stop animating me
How did I start dancing?
If you are wondering, you probably clicked on a dance-ball without knowing what it was for.  Generally clicking on things is a good habit for beginners to follow.  And it would have done no harm in this case if you had noticed the request for permission to animate your avatar.  You will want to notice such requests (to animate) and deny them unless you really want the animation.  
In normal use, you click on the dance ball and accept the request to animate if you really want to  dance.  You usually stop the animation by clicking on the same dance ball a second time. 
But you don't need to think about that now, because you just learned how to stop animations whenever you want.   
There are those who treat a mistake as a learning experience.  And others who do not.
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