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2013 PROMO: Promote your events -- Chestnut Rau

Promote your events

A recent post on this blog
Promote your events: short checklist

Comment by  Chestnut Rau JANUARY 26, 2011
Chestnut added a thoughtful comment to the original post.  Here I present the comment (under the Chestnut byline) to make sure it gets the attention it deserves. - SE
I spent two years writing about events for New World Notes and feel pretty qualified to comment on this post. What you have said about the notecard is spot on and people would do well to heed your advice. Having said that I would add a number of important points.

1) You need to get the word out about your event in advance! The day before or the day of is too late. A week to ten days in advance you want people to hear about your event.

2) Send the notice to bloggers! There are plenty of people who will write about your event if you just let them know.

3) Use social networks! Plurk is very Second Life focused and you should also make good use of Twitter.

4) Put your event in Linden Lab's event list! Its a little cumbersome to use but people check it when they are looking for something to do.

5) A day before your event send a reminder. Do NOT spam your groups and your FL or people will hate you forever. One notice a week in advance, one the day before and social networking or group IMs that say "come now! Here is the LM" is enough. 
FL= friends list-- SE

6) To reiterate: spam=bad. gentle reminder=good.

7) Use complete sentences in your note card and if you are not a good writer then have someone proofread your notices! Typos are embarrassing and unclear writing will not produce the results you are after.

8) If you are going to do lots of events ask experience event planners for advice or consider hiring someone to help.

9) Put on an entertaining event and you are on the way to building an audience. If your event is disorganized or not fun you will have a hard time getting people back for a second time.

Wow that got long winded. I guess I have a thing or two to say on the subject. I should think about doing some posts on my own blog on this topic.

Chestnut Rau

Valuable advice.  I get to add a few comments here;
The original post is only a small part of what I have in the inworld Hobo Kit at Cookie.  The length represents another promotion principle:  Don't overload your page.  I will later be posting several more kit articles with more specific suggestions about particular aspects of this subject
Plurk is very Second Life focused and you should also make good use of Twitter.
I use Twitter and Facebook extensively, as do many of my friends.  I don't use Plurk.  I think I have an account there, but prefer Facebook for its large audience.  I have spent a little time building up a friends list. 
Send the notice to bloggers!  
Don't just send a notice.  Send usable copy, following the suggestions in my post.
group IMs that say "come now! Here is the LM" is enough. 
No.  Not enough for active people.  I get several event notices a day.  If I got one like that, I would not know which event it meant.  So I would ignore it.  What I want at the time of the event  is an IM with the event or performer name, the time of the event, and the slurl.


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