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2013 1stHELP: Language of the Virtual Village

Language of the Virtual Village


Note: some details here are specific to viewers of the  3.x class and may be different in other viewers.
Alt.  an alternative, secondary identity owned by the same person who owns another, primary identity.  
Click, Click on.  Put your cursor on an object, press the left mouse key.  Just like clicking on a web link
Touch.  Click on
Drag .   Put cursor on the item in inventory.   Press and hold left mouse key down.  Move cursor to where you want the item  (watch a small rectangle  move with cursor).  Release the mouse key when rectangle  is where you want the item.
Friend.  To invite a person to be on your friends (contacts) list.   Defriend.  Remove a person from your friends list.
Home, Home point.  A specific safe  location that the system remembers for you.  Quick access: click on the house, top left of screen.  The place where you first arrive in Second Life is your initial home point. You will always enter at this point until you set home to a new place or change the some settings.
Inventory: Collection of things you own.  To open it, click on the suitcase (right tabs).
Notecard: Note carrying text and (possibly) embedded assets. It will be in your inventory, in the Notecard folder. Double click on the name of the notecard to see the contents.
Prim, object, asset --What's the difference?
Prim:  basic building unit.  You create a prim with the create command (right click on the ground, select create.)
Object:   A prim or several prims linked together.  You link prims or objects with the edit command.
Asset.  An object, texture, script, or other item in you inventory. Asset is the generic name for any of these items.
Perms -- Permissions.   Commonly applied to land or to an object, texture, or other asset.
Land Perms. Permissions on land allow or forbid certain actions.  They are indicated in the navigation bar at the top of your screen, if you have the settings calling for that.  To see the land perms, right click on the navigation bar and check Land Properties.  Hover your cursor over symbols there for an explanation The owner or someone acting with owner's authority sets these perms.
Asset perms.  Perms on an asset specify what you can do with it.   No-copy means you can't duplicate the object.   No modify means that you can't edit the object or the things in in.  No-transfer means that you can't give the object to someone else. The creator or owner of the asset specifies the perms.
Rez -- To produce a virtual object from an object in your inventory..  (An object with the proper script and contents can also rez.) To rez an object (an orange box in your inventory), drag it from your inventory onto the ground in some place where you have authority to build or rez.  Check the Land Perms to know whether you can rez where you are. 
Toggle -- turn something off, them back on (derived from toggle switch).  Used to cure problems with voice, music, or media (music, vdeo)
Relog -- sign off SL, then sign on again.  Used to treat various problems when SL is not behaving well.  
Sim -- To residents, a square 250 m. on a side.  It has a name -- you can see it on the main map if you zoom in.  To find a sim, open the main map and type the name in the third search bar,  Click the Search button next to it.  (You will not necessarily find a sim by searching in places.)  
Technically a sim corresponds to a simulator program or server that is creating the virtual reality for that square.   You may need to be careful in crossing a boundary between sims because simulators need to exchange data.
Slurl --   Like a landmark, but ordinary text that SL can convert to a landmark.  A slurl can be sent in IM or used like a url in hyperlink on a web page or e-mail.  To get a slurl in SL, go to the place and click on the en try in the navigation bar.  The slurl will appear in the navigation bar.  You can copy paste it into a notecard or elsewhere.
To use a slurl you find on the web or in a notecard,  copy paste it into the navigation bar at the top of your screen
  • AFK -- Away From Keyboard.  Tell people that you are not available to communicate.  Courtesy:  when you are in conversation and must leave the keyboard, type AFK.
  • IM -- Instant message, text communication with one or more people.
  • LM -- Landmark: a thing that tells the system to take you to a specified place. Landmarks are generally represented by a world globe.
  • TP -- teleport.  Move quickly to another place you choose.   Done by using LM clicking on a Landmark (globe graphic) in your inventory or by accepting TP invitation from someone else.  .
  • B4N     Bye for now
  • BFN     Bye for now
  • BTW   By the way
  • CU     See you
  • CYA     See ya
  • FAQ     Frequently-ask question(s)
  • FYI     For your information
  • NP     No problem
  • OMG     Oh my God
  • What do we do in Virtual Worlds? 
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