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2016 HG: Plans to support development of OpenSimulator/Hypergrid: Moses developments HGPprojects

Plans for development of OpenSimulator/Hypergrid: 
Moses diverges from the OS Core.
The MOSES project announces new plans for its future, with a shift to the Halcyon branch of OpenSimulator.  The Halcyon branch is based on code newly released to open source by Inworldz.   The Halcyon branch may offer important advantages in the development process for OpenSim and some important disadvantages for the current users of OpenSim/Hypergrid.. 

What the Halcyon branch may offer

  • A roadmap for development.
  • "a professional systems engineering approach to planning a modernized OpenSimulator code base."
  • Funded development efforts from MOSES and Inworldz.
  • NVIDIA PhysX physics integration.
  • Browser-based viewer for OpenSim
  • Increased security

What the Halcyon branch may not offer

  • Backwards compatibility with previous versions of OpenSimulator.
  • A hypergrid-like functionality.
  • Easy way to get an instance running on your desktop.
  • Easy transfer  of scripts from the current OpenSim.

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Selected excerpts from the article by Douglas Maxwell

The MOSES project and the OpenSimulator project have diverging goals. Specifically, we place lesser value on backwards compatibility and for us security is a high priority. I believe the legacy code is holding OpenSim back and slowing true innovation.
Last year, we dissected and profiled the OpenSimulator code and found five major areas for improvement. These areas include physics, database management, client management, conflicting TCP/UDP network stack, and script engine operations.
We had a lot of trouble getting patches approved and integrated into the OpenSimulator code base last summer, with many of the objections and comments being that the updates might have unexpected effects on existing users.
We are also in the planning stages of a detailed design document for the HTML5 client, which will be a browser-based viewer for OpenSim.
Any plans for a hypergrid-like functionality that allows teleports between separate grids will need to be completely re-engineered.
Lastly, OAR — region export files — and IAR functionality will be preserved for the foreseeable future.
We will be pushing regular updates to our public Github site, so anyone is able to pitch in and help with development.

Emerging goals from responses to previous article

  • New Media Arts plans to support development of OpenSimulator/Hypergrid
  • Roadmap for future plans. (Halcyon has a roadmap)
  • Objectives that are aligned with the community as a whole.
  • New support group should propose a map right from the start.
  • Official branch for PhysX (now offered in Halcyon).
  • Risk of fragmentation.
  • Find a way to hire and get more programmers for core.

Comments from Selby Evans

  • This initiative offers some attractive advantages to grids.
  • Other advice about the future of OpenSimulator also mentions the need for a roadmap.
  • This is not a choice that will be made by any vote.  
  • The choice of software is up to the grid operators. 
  • Commercial grid operators will consider the preferences of customers.
  • The possible loss of hypergrid functionality is a main concern.  
  • The Moses initiative meets some of the goals mentioned above.
  • There  is probably a need to form a group representing all the OS stakeholders.


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    • Cookie II location (fourth Sunday of the month)
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