Tuesday, September 14, 2010

2013 HELP: Thanks, Torley. Windows 7 does run Second Life.

Windows 7 - Second Life Wiki
"This question comes up a lot in the forums in varied forms, and this page is a stopgap to answer:
Is the Second Life Viewer compatible with Windows 7?
Does Second Life run on Windows 7?
Can I use Second Life on Windows 7?
The answer is officially yes from Linden Lab, with the following caveats:
The System Requirements page needs to be updated. Changes are pending in the queue behind other web updates. Yes, it sounds counterintuitive — dontcha wish it was as easy to change some text there as this wiki?;)" -- Torley
My added comments
The 64 bit version runs fine for me. One caveat: It should be installed in the x86 directory.   If  that does not happen automatically, you may want to check the following article for a link to using the comparability wizard

 "I see that my system has two program directories, one called Program Files (x86) and the other called just Program Files. My Second Life run files are in the (x86) directory, as are most of the other legacy programs I have installed. My guess is that this directory is for programs that need to run in a 32 bit mode and that Win 7 usually detects that condition and installs in the correct directory"

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