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2019 MUVE update 3/7/2019 Opensim Fest, exhibits show thru April 6; VWBPE 2019 schedule

MUVE update 3/10/2019 
OpenSim Fest exhibits thru April 6 
VWBPE 2019 schedule
A collection of news items and links relevant to this blog.  Some often-wanted links are recurrent.  Others may be retained a few weeks.  New items are added daily.

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  • THIS WEEK at Seanchai Libraries  
  • -
  • Sunday live music session at 2pm PST
  • Maritime Club in Virtual Belfast on OSGrid.
  • Club Belfast
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  • Sunday Kitely Community/Hypergrid meeting at 1 pm Pacific time
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Social Media

    The MeWe social network has made a tool that will import your Google+ data to their platform. The tool is simply called the G+ MeWe Importer. The tool is expected to go live on March 12th, possibly even sooner. 
    Here are some of the details of this G+ MeWe Importer tool:
    Move your public G+ posts to MeWe as open posts on your MeWe timeline (dated and ordered the same as they were on G+).Move your public collection and community posts to MeWe and create open posts on your MeWe timeline (dated and ordered the same as they were on G+) with the collection or community name as a #hashtag. 

    Living online

    Modern education 

    •  March 13 is Andy Wheelock bringing forth the work with virtual-reality environments in middle school applications (with AR hints) in the western NY’s Erie BOCES –
    • March 27 is a logistics / research meeting for any interested in the SUNY CIT 2019 conference research project (IRB & prep under way)
    • April 16, MALET Virtual Showcase on Marian - MALET students will be displaying their culminating projects (from their final projects and from the Advanced Design Seminar); this is through a virtual showcase, that is their work will be displayed on different locations on Marian island; visit the posters and talk to these students about their work and ideas - they will be available between 7:30 - 8:30 pm; return later to know the specific locations of these presently under-development projects which include:  
    • K12 project w/ online, cellPhone enabled microscope sample sharing; 
    • a new and interesting way to learn APA citations; 
    • a prototype augmented reality nurse training manikin, with responses from teachers and students (a final project) 
    • video series of fashion retailers examining the changes coming to retail suppliers; 
    • an innovative virtual reality environment for learning graphics design; 
    • a virtual reality training site for on-boarding new insurance agents 
    • May 8 is Jana Allmand-Zeman, a MALET alum, to speak about her work as an instructional designer at Newport News Shipbuilding

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