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2018 HG: How to use the Hypergrid, with GDPR update+summary

How to use the Hypergrid, with GDPR 

OpenSim is made of many grids. Many are interconnected by Hypergrid technology.  We can teleport between grids that are connected by the Hypergrid.  Handling addresses is a little more complicated and the European GDPR has required extra step when you first go to a grid.  Here are the details.

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GDPR adds a temporary extra step to hypergridding

  • Some grids have to ask your permission to store information that identifies you. 
  • The first time you try to go to the grid, they will ask for permission to store:
  • Avatar First Name
  • Avatar Last Name
  • Avatar UUID
  • Current IP Address (this is stored transiently, unless needed for a security reason)
  • They will ask in a popup that looks like some thing you click on.

There is a hitch 

  • You click that popup but nothing happens. (at least in Firestorm)
  • Solution:  Right Click and open your web browser.
  • You get a web page that tells you the information that will be stored.
  • You agree to that storage and travel to that grid. 
  • You only have to do this once at each grid you travel to.
  • Some grids may ask you to enter your UUID.
  • But that is not necessary (the grid can get it), so that request will go away.

Get uuid (LSL code)

  • You may be able to  get your UUID from your profile.
  • If you can't see your profile, see if other can. They can get your UUID and tell you.
  • Or put the code below in a prim.
  • The prim will give the UUID on click to the one who clicked
  • Thanks Lisa + IMA
    touch_start(integer num_detected)
       llInstantMessage( llDetectedKey(0), "Your UUID is "+(string) llDetectedKey(0));

Key terms (Ctrl f to search on page with Chrome)

  • What is the Hypergrid?
  • What is a grid?
  • How is HG different from Second Life?
  • What advantages does HG offer over individual grids?
  • What viewer do you use on the HG?
  • How do you get onto the HG?
  • How do you find places on the HG?
  • How do you travel on the HG?
  • Can you carry things with you when you travel the HG?
  • How do you find freebies on the HG?
  • Is there something like Linden money on the HG?
  • How do you buy things on the HG?
  • How do you find people on the HG? 
  • How do you get land on HG?
  • How do you communicate on HG?

What is the Hypergrid?

  • The Opensim world has lots of grids. 
  • Each grid is an independent internet site 
  • Hypergrid is a way you can TP from one grid to another, 
  • without having to register and login to each grid.
  • Hypergrid: Summary

What is a grid?

  • The virtual lands of the Opensim community, a beginner's guide
  • You know a grid as a place you log into a virtual world.  
  • It runs software to create a virtual world for you.
  • It runs a database to store your assets and serve them when you need them.
  • It handles your virtual world identity, a grid map, and a database for searching.
  • A grid may also provide a virtual currency.
  • SL is a grid and does all of these things.

How is HG different from Second Life?

  • SL is a single grid.  
  • HG is a collection of grids connected by a standard transfer procedure.
  • HG allows transfer of an avatar and some possessions from one grid to another.  
  • The grids in the HG universe are all running "sort of " the same software.
  • They may have different versions, different settings, different hardware.
  • And they will not have your inventory.  
  • While travelling the HG, you will only have what you put in your suitcase.  
  • And anything you get will go into your suitcase.  
  • The virtual lands of the Opensim community, a beginner's guide

What advantages does HG offer over individual grids?

  • More people.  Maybe more people you know from SL.
  • More places to explore.
  • More events to enjoy
  • Bigger market to buy from or sell into.
  • All without registering for another grid

What viewer do you use on the HG?

  • Firestorm is the viewer most widely used on HG.
  • Firestorm by far most popular on hypergrid.
  • Be sure to get the version marked For SL & Opensim
  • The version for SL alone is not going to work for you.
  • (Neither will the SL viewer.)
  • You can try the 64 bit version if you are using a 64 bit machine.  

How do you get onto the HG?

How do you find places on the HG?

How do you travel on the HG?

Can you carry things with you when you travel the HG?

      How do you find freebies on the HG?

      Is there something like Linden money on the HG?

      • Some grids have an internal money, but use is limited to that grid.
      • Such money is probably not convertible to "real money."
      • Some grids offer Gloebit, a payment method somewhat like Paypal
      • Paypal is often used as a source of "real money" for buying things. 
      • Paypal may be becoming the main currency of the Hypergrid

      How do you buy things on the HG?

      How do you find people on the HG? 

      How do you get land on HG?

      How do you communicate on HG?

      • You can send IMs  and notecards to friends on other grids. 
      • Don't assume they will get there.  
      • I usually go to the home grid of the other person to send these.
      • An IM conversation, once started, survived across grid travel. 
      • I find Google+ communities more useful. 
      • Communities of the virtual worlds on Google+


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