Friday, January 16, 2015

2015 PEOPLE: WRITE: Bloggers: Google+ Communities get you leads and get you reads

Google+ Communities 
get you leads and get you reads  
  • Pick a topic you blog about often.
  • If you are already on Google+, put cursor over the Home button.
  • Click the Communities button.
  • Click All communities button (top middle).
  • Type in that topic. Pick a community.
  • You probably just found a bunch of potential readers.
  • You may have found some things you will want to write about.  
  • You can probably join the group and post in it if you don't spam.
  • You can probably get emails about new posts if you want.
  • You can create and grow your own community around your blog.

Some Google+ communities that may be of interest to you

These are only examples. Go to the Google+ community page and search for blog or write.  You will find some that interest you.


News and Notes


This week on Thyliea, Kitely Grid

  • Tuesday, Jan. 13 
  • Folk, Blues, & More! at Wizards Retreat
  • The Bohemian - 12PM PST
  • Ciske Crumb - 1PM 
  • Joe Parazane - 2PM
  • -
  • Thursday, Jan. 15 
  • Ambient, Tribal, & More! at club Giza
  • Echo Starship - 12PM PST
  • DeceptionsDigital 1PM
  • -
  • Friday - Jan 16
  • ROCk N' ROOOOLL! at Wizards Retreat
  • Scofi Robson 1PM


Virtual Learning Series Jan/Feb Classes

In Kitely, with Firestorm, use the Firestorm Hop
hop:// Academy/173/129/22
HG: Paste HG address into World map, use TP Academy 

Don't forget! Creating and Managing NPCs, lead by Nara M, will be on Sunday, January 18th from 12 - 2pm Pacific/SL time.  
Location:  Use hypergate from Hypergrid Academy

January 15 1:00pm  Virtual Learning Series - Navigating the Hypergrid

Come get some tips on jumping around in the hypergrid, along with some resources on where to find locations to visit.

January 22 1:00pm  Creating Communities in Virtual Worlds

A Virtual Learning Series open discussion on community creation in virtual worlds.

January 29 1:00pm  Photoshop Clothing Creation

A Virtual Learning Series class on basic clothing creation in Photoshop. Free shirt and sock templates will be included.

February 5  1:00pm  Introduction to Roleplaying

An introduction to basic roleplaying skills and character creation in virtual worlds.

February 12 1:00pm  Education Roundtable

A roundtable panel on education in virtual worlds. Guest panelists!



Lauren's Place


Newcomer Help in Virtual Worlds



How to handle a Hypergrid address 

From any Hypergrid-enabled grid, paste the address into the address bar of Firestorm and press enter. Or paste it into the world map search bar of any viewer, search, and click Teleport when the destination is found. If it doesn't work, don't give up. Try again in couple of minutes.  Sometimes the first try fails (probably times out).  And try again a few hours later. Some hypergrid destinations are offline part of the day. 


Video-Machinima in virtual worlds

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