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2015 BIZ: Kitely market on the Hypergrid. Update

Kitely market on the Hypergrid.  Update
Updated 1/16/2015 
Kitely market opened to the Hypergrid on  21 March 2014.  Now is a good time to take stock. 


The main thing I have noticed is the absence of problems and complaints in the forum.  I remember the torrent of complaints in the Second Life forum when LL moved their market system from the one that had been functioning well when they took over to the new and improved system that they introduced.  I wondered if Kitely would have the same problems.  But Kitely seems to have done a much better job of Quality Assurance.

Good news and bad news

I see that Kitely market offers over 3000 items*. That is good news for content creators.  Not a lot of competition.  Bad news for buyers--not a lot of selection.  But at least Kitely can sell to the Hypergrid.  So buyers on the Hypergrid, and a few other grids, have a wider selection than they did before.    
* That was at about six months.  At nine months, the market has nearly 2500 items just counting those for export.  (Export items seem to be selling much better than the others.)
Here is a discussion of products that some people would like to buy on the Kitely Market:
And here is a section of the Kitely forums where people can post about what they want to buy and content creators can see what is wanted or can post about what they could offer:
One seller commented that he had sold more in three months on Kitely than he had sold in seven years on the Second Life market.  He attributed the difference to the lack of competing product lines. 
A customer noted:  ... "we can't find stuff so basic and needed for everyone as: a simple sex bed, an animated pet, fireworks, events stage, a horse people can ride or a swimming pool."   

Features of the Kitely market

  • Category:  Art, Avatar accessories, Avatar animations...
  • Color: Black, Blue, Bronze...
  • Theme:  Arabian, Asian, Fantasy...
  • Occasion: Birthday. Christmas, Easter...
  • Various subcategories appear when you select a main category.
  • Wish list (Click Go to on the top menu)

Some Stats on Kitely market

From CEO Ilan Tochner
  • Some merchants have made more than $2,000 in sales in Kitely Market.
  • Kitely Market has had more than $10,000 worth of sales.
  • 60 percent of the sales were in US dollars.
  • The potential hypergrid market may be 300,000 people.
  • Most of the sales are not within Kitely, but to people on other grids.



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