Tuesday, May 27, 2014

2014 OPENSIM: Kitely joins the Hypergrid

Kitely joins the Hypergrid
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The hypergrid is an extension to Opensim that allows you to link your opensim grid to other opensim grids on the internet, and supports seamless avatar transfers among those opensim grisds.  You can establish a base in the grid of your choice and teleport to other grids without having an account (or password) in those places.


Kitely has restrictions on Hypergrid travels to keep items from leaving the Kitely grid unless the creator gave appropriate permission.  You can't wear or take anything with you unless 

  • If you try to TP while wearing something not exportable, 
  • you get stopped (so you don't arrive naked).
  • You get a message telling what is not exportable
  • The starter avatars you can find at the Kitely Welcome Center are exportable

Taking stuff with you:

  • Your inventory has a folder, Your Suitcase.
  • From the Hypergrid, you can access only  the Suitcase contents.
  • If you get stuff on the Hypergrid, it will go into your Suitcase.
  • You can put stuff from your inventory into your Suitcase if it is Exportable.
  • Items from the Kitely market are Exportable if marked that way
  • Items you made or received are Exportable if they are set to copy/transfer
  • The starter avatars you can find at the Kitely welcome center are exportable.


  • Travel light with your suitcase. 
  • Carry only what you really need
  • What you have in your suitcase will lag your travel.

    General help

    Intergrid transport

    Viewer: Firestorm

    People and communities



    News and Notes

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    U.S. Army Research Lab’s Simulation & Training Technology Center announced an open postdoctoral position on the MOSES team, which is working to develop the MOSES OpenSim grid and associated technologies.   Hypergrid Business


    Around the virtual worlds  


    • The Spotlight Theatre League, in association with Lady Garden Cabaret, 
    • is auditioning for the musical Rent in Second Life    
    • The performance will be held October 30th at 7pm slt
    • Auditions will be held June 9th - 13th from 1pm to 4pm slt
    • in the showroom at the Lady Garden Cabaret.
    • Location Link. Click to go or drag to the viewer screen:
    • http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Liberty%20Coast/161/111/1201
    •  Please contact Brad Mactavish in Second Life to schedule an audition.


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