Wednesday, September 18, 2013

2013 PROMO: Google+ is my top choice as social media site to promote virtual World projects.

Google+ is my top choice for a social media site
to promote your SL projects.
How to use Google+ to promote your projects.

Event notices 
  • You send invitations to a specific circle of people who want to get them.   
  • They get the notices promptly if they want to 
  • A recipient can mark the invitation: Yes, No, Maybe.  
  • If a person uses a Google calendar, Yes or Maybe mark the event on the calendar.
  • A person can set up to have the Google Calendar send them an email announcement
  • Connections with people in virtual worlds
  • Could match to groups in your virtual world
  • Here are a couple of mine: 
  • Virtual World Video -- Machinima and video
  • Lauren is Funny -- works much like a group in SL fan group
  • People only get notices if they join the group.  
Pictures and video
  • Embed and spread
  • Circle the sources you want to see
  • Webcam
  • Voice
  • Typed chat 
  • Small number of people interact  
  • Hangouts can go public, stream to the web for unlimited audience
  • Hangouts can be archived and put on YouTube
  • You may want to use your legal name
  • But you can add your SL name as a nickname
  • You may want to add your legal name to your display name in SL
  • Otherwise your SL friends may not  know you.
Promoting with Google+
  • Put a G+ button on your blog.  
  • If people click that button it posts a link in their G+ stream
  • Blogger automatically posts a link on your profile stream.
  • If your profile is linked to your blog
  • Otherwise, you need to click the button, too.
  • Go to your G+ profile page, and click the +1 button.
  • That adds your endorsement.  
  • Click G+ on other blog posts about things you are interested in.
  • Circle bloggers who post about things you want to promote.
  • They may circle you back and pick up your posts
  • Better yet, look for a section called Google+ followers.
  • Mine is near the top right, with the pictures.
  • Those people automatically go into a circle I get notices on.
  •  And see if you can put the same section on your blog.
  • I circle bloggers as sources for ideas.
  • When I see an item of likely interest to my blog readers
  • I put it on my profile stream, preferably with the G+ button.
  • If there is no G+, I sometimes copy the url to the entry field.
  • The system will look up the article and post the title.
  • This shows the article to people who have circled me.
  • And saves the link in case I want to go back later.
  • Set up a fan group in Google communities
  • Send event notices to the fan group
  • Take pictures and post them during the event
  • Post a video on YouTube, promote it to the fan group
  • Or Livestream the event and promote it to the fan group
  • Post pictures, especially of people enjoying the place.
  • Include a SLurl.  Google will turn it into a link to the location.
  • Feature something different about the place every week. 
  • Not as good as a blog, but much better than nothing.
  • What do we do in Virtual Worlds? 
  • Search on page with Google Chrome: Ctrl+f, search bar upper right 
  • Google search this blog, column on right
  • or put at the end of the search terms
  • Annotated screen shots made with Jing
  • Creative Commons License, attribution only.
  • Second LifeLindenSLurl, and SL are trademarks of Linden Research Inc.
  • This blog is not affiliated with Second Life or anything else.  
  • Ads are  from Google
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